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a confession.

I have a confession to make… Last Christmas I made a Christmas wish; asked for a Christmas miracle. I wanted my parents to stay in town a bit longer so they could spend more time with Peanut, and I wanted my bosses to learn their lesson for being so insensitive and (frankly irresponsible) when it came to telework based on a medical condition – they fought me, tormented me, and used every gaslighting technique while I was PREGNANT. So I prayed to God/asked the universe/made a Christmas wish for a way for these two things to happen….

Well, folks, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, because a month later – enters stage left the covfefe virus. Ugh. I fucked up y’all. I think the chupacabra virus is my fault. I asked for a temporary no travel, and telework teachable situation, and now here we are. My parents are stuck here on lock down, and my office (along with many other offices) is forced to figure out the telework situation – especially since the office setting is a cubicle cell block that has far too many people in close proximity, in old ass buildings, with shitty ventilation and windows that don’t open.

So the other day I had a very brief moment where I asked myself,could I have caused the cosmic catastrophe of the coocoobora virus??

Of course, I hate the virus and everything that has come along with it, but I have been trying to stay positive, and here’s the thing: I love all the time at home with Peanut. I don’t need any excuse to hide from the world and be in my little bubble of baby, Bob’s Burgers, breakfasts for dinner, bed time and being lazy. I’m required to be here, and have spent so much time turning my house into my sanctuary that I enjoy being home. And I do realize I am extremely lucky to have a home for my little family, and have a job that allows me to secure income and health insurance. That is not lost on me and I am very grateful and thankful. And with the little I have I do try to help those around me.

*New section* Five LITTLE things I am grateful for today: 1) bacon and eggs – it’s just delicious and I could eat it every single day; 2) the smell of Fabuloso house cleaner that makes my house smell fresh after I clean; 3) H&R Block – for helping me do my taxes via a simple app; 4) sugar free Red Bull (the sweet sweet nectar that courses through my veins); 5) Zoom and cool friends that let me join their class sessions so I can nerd out with their students!

What I’m watching: so I started watching that show on Hulu with Reese Witherspoon called Little Fires Everywhere. Reader, the verdict is still out on this one. I understand the racial and class commentary, but the two main characters seem like such extreme stereotypes of their respective categories that it’s hard to watch. This show gets a new episode every week, though, so this may just be a bumpy start to a masterpiece – and I am going to give it a chance to win me over. Anyone else watching it? Thoughts?

Another show I am watching is Tell Me a Story on CBS All Access. It’s a drama/thriller that follows multiple storylines, and as they develop they become more and more intertwined. Each storyline follows its own theme based on classic fairytales. I’m just finishing season 1, but season 2 is already available. It’s pretty entertaining and engrossing – so a good escape from reality.

Tech specs: more of commentary – if you are looking for video game consoles you are OUT OF LUCK! Like many others, I thought this would be a good time to get into some video games I’ve been considering. I looked EVERYWHERE for a Nintendo Switch. No luck! They are sold out at all retailers – even online – except for those random resellers who are gouging you with $100+ above MSRP. I am considering a PlayStation 4 or Xbox but those are also hard to find (but not as impossible or expensive). Any recommendations?

Doggy pics: cozy cuddles

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