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black friday for Peanut

We made it through Thanksgiving! Which was a lot more uneventful than all of my friends and family (and I’m not complaining)…

Now, be honest… did you go black Friday shopping?? Peanut and I definitely did not go to the insane events with middle of the night long lines BUT we did go to the extended weekend sales at Target. Now, usually, this is not something I would do. For as long as I can remember, I have a hard rule: Much like the squirrels and the bears, I stock up supplies for the winter and dont go out from Thanksgiving weekend until January.

This rule is in part because I have legit diagnosed and medicated anxiety. Going to stores means dealing with all the elbow bumping, close standing, coughing, and cooties! But here’s the thing, Reader – a tiny human means big responsibilities!

With my long standing tradition of not black friday shopping also existed a ‘no christmas decoration’ rule. I’ve always been a bit of a Grinch. But another thing that comes out of having a tiny human is growing a bigger heart. And there was absolutely no way my tiny human wasn’t going to get ALL the magic there is to get from Christmas. So the target trip was a mission – I had to purchase all the appropriate decor for Peanut to enjoy Christmas properly.

Reader, I’m happy to report the mission was a success! After the panic and anxiety of the peopling and decorating cleared, the end result was more than worth it. Peanut’s face lit up with wonder staring at the colorful lights and twinkling things. It was as cheesy as it sounds! Cheesy and worth it. Much like being a parent.

What I’m watching: Let’s talk about The Crown on Netflix… We are on season 3 and it is both as boring and interesting and entertaining as the first two seasons. I just have one issue: Why Olivia Coleman?!?!? No tea, no shade, but she really makes the Queen look weathered at that age, which is not entirely accurate. This is basically my polite way to say, using Coleman makes the Queen look old. They did my Queen wrong with an older and slightly heavier portrayal.

The Queen on Netflix: Coleman on the left, Queen Elizabeth on the right

I’m also watching Working Moms also on Netflix. I’m super far behind (only on season 2) but I find the show to be an equally split combination of entertaining and obnoxious. If you can deal with some annoying characters for the sake of humor, then I recommend this show.

Tech Specs: This week I tried out AOMAIS 25W bluetooth light up speaker that looks like a tiny boom box. It’s water resistent and LOUD. The main reason we got it is because it combines two of the things Peanut loves – music and colorful lights. It’s still compact enough that we can put it next to her and can play low enough that it won’t make her go deaf. The colors are fun for her to watch and she even tries to sing along with the music. It’s also heavy so she can’t pick it up and throw it, and rubberized to avoid damage. It got the Peanut stamp of approval (I’ll have to make an official stamp logo for P lol). You can get this sweet little speaker for about $30 online.

AOMAIS 25W bluetooth

Random thought: Do people not have a concept of human development at a small age? I mean, we were all small at some point. I find it bizarre the number of people texting me and asking me if my THREE MONTH OLD baby was going to eat turkey and thanksgiving dinner things. Umm… She’s three months old. She doesn’t have teeth. Or eat solid food. Even people who have kids asked me this – are you new to… life? Bizarre…

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