black lives matter


I don’t want my silence to be mistaken for complicity. It is not. As a POC (mixed heritage Mexican), these movements are near and dear to my heart.

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you will know my stance is clear: THINGS MUST CHANGE.

We live in a country built on racism. That is simply a fact of the past. Part of the history. But it DOES NOT have to define who we are, what we will become, and how we pave the future. As a parent to a very culturally and ethnically mixed little girl (her paternal side Israelite descent), it is important to me that she not only embrace her culture, but not fear those around her because of doing so.

As a former EMT, the death of Breonna Taylor hit me hard. EMS staff work side by side with armed officers, with one big difference: we are unarmed. Yet still on the same dangerous scene with other first responders, risking safety to save others. This is who Breonna was in her day to day life, and the same men she served next to – the same people she has likely helped or even saved – are the ones that took her life. There is no excuse for this.

With that being said, please remember: there is still a pandemic with an extremely dangerous virus which can be fatal. For those of you who are brave and strong enough to protest IRL, please please wear masks and be as safe as possible to reduce likelihood of contracting covid19. We need you out there fighting the good fight – which will not be possible if covid takes you down.