Today, I was talking with someone and I used a term that I came up with off the top of my head but I’ve decided to share it with the world: Karen Incognito.

A Karen Incognito is a woman who straddles the line to appease both sides. Someone who is “woke” and constantly displaying her “wokeness” on her social media feeds with the words she says, the messages on her shirts, the memes she shares, and she is all about BLM and justice for kids in cages. BUT in real life, she is in fact indulging in the luxuries afforded to her from her white privilege, including looking the other way with her ignorant friends in order to maintain those connections and benefit from them. This Karen will say she stands for LGBTQ rights, while accusing her queer friends of being in love with her. She will stand for BLM on social media, while crossing the street when she sees a person of color. She will always live in both worlds so she can be a white savior while maintaining her complex of superiority. Just like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Karens Incognito are the most dangerous of all the Karens. They will smile to your face, say they stand for your people, share the memes that get them the likes, while they sit at home with their Trump-voting husband, in their all-white neighborhood, drinking their Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

And if this has offended you, then you really need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why.

Let me be clear, I do not dislike white women. I dislike fake ignorant white women who pretend to be woke in their women’s march while secretly voting against what they claim to believe in.

Today is the day we vote. And that is the democracy that this country has been built on. But never in history, that I recall, has it gotten to this point for an election:

We are in the middle of a fucking pandemic in an election year and major cities are boarding up their buildings because they know that no matter what the results are, people will protest and riot. And the truth is, there is one person to blame for this. One person who has blocked the ability for the laws that exist to safeguard our democracy. One person who has ensured that all measures to preserve the sanctity of our government and the laws that were established to attempt to have a just society. Without this person standing in the way, we would be in a much different place today. The real villain here is not Mr. Orange. It is in fact, the turtle. Why aren’t we focusing on taking down the turtle? The turtle has gotten rich off the abuse of power he has exercised, and has protected the attacks on our democracy. The turtle needs to get thrown all the way the fuck out. Into the ocean.


Oh and, don’t be a Karen Incognito. That’s not a cute look, bitch.