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my door is always open.

If you we ever had a falling out, I want you to know, my door is always open. You can judge me for this, you can disagree with my reasoning, but it will not change my heart. Part of being someone who has faced many struggles in life – and has been wronged and done wrong – I am a firm believer in forgiveness. If you truly love a person, there needs to be room in your heart to forgive them as you would want to be forgiven. We are all human. We are all flawed. We all make mistakes. I would be remiss to expect and support love and forgiveness and not be willing to practice what I preach.
Now, as with all things – there are stipulations to being able to walk through that open door. A conversation must be had. I believe in true honest communication that involves all parties willingness to listen and receive what the other is saying. I truly believe there is a middle ground to be found in any miscommunication or disagreement if both parties are willing to do the work and find that place. I, personally, cannot have a relationship of any nature with someone if I cannot be brutally honest and get the same in return. I understand that being blunt is not for everyone, but this is one of my flaws; being blunt is in large part due to my inability to read emotions well. I am not well at guessing what people are thinking or feelings – even when it may be obvious to others. I am often confused, oblivious, or misguided when it comes to the art of assuming feelings and intentions based on nonverbal communication. Besides, if we cannot have an honest conversation, then how close were we to begin with?

This is also the type of communication I want to teach Peanut. I want her to be honest with her emotions. I don’t want her to be afraid to speak her mind – especially when/if she is hurt, sad, confused, etc. I want to show her healthy communication and healthy relationships. I want to teach her understanding and forgiveness. That does not mean my door is open to be hurt again, don’t get it twisted. But the door is always open to a conversation. That conversation may lead to a decision that we must continue to go our separate ways, but I am always open to an open and honest conversation. No matter how uncomfortable it may be. I only want authentic connections with genuine intentions and I want to teach Peanut the same.

Rest in Peace and Rest in Power Beloved Patron Saint of Strength and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

March 15, 1933 – September 18, 2020

RBG was fighting cancer since 2009. It’s easy to say 2020 did it or dismiss her because you do not agree with her politics, but she had been fighting against cancer for a decade while at the same time fighting against injustice for a lifetime. If you have a sister, daughter, mother, wife, then respect RBG as the person who helped progress women’s rights. The women in your life would not be who they are without RBG being who she was. My heart is broken over such a monumental loss – and that she did not get to see us fix the White House, but I am glad she is no longer in any pain and suffering.

Bob’s Burgers new season has begun! That’s right! As of yesterday (Sunday, September 27, 2020) – the world is tough and things can be overwhelming so spend 30 minutes of your day enjoying life with the Belchers!

Halloween’s a comin’:

I spent this past Saturday with a good friend listening to 90’s music and decorating his house for Halloween. We were living our best high school fantasy! His crazy ass of course went all out and got that gigantic skeleton everyone’s talking about from Home Depot. It was a bit of a pain to put together but looks so cool! We of course added all kinds of fun stuff around it – witches and brooms and pumpkins, etc. Life is crazy – politics, covid, etc. – but I highly recommend decorating for Halloween because it was so much simple fun and therapeutic. No nonsense, no news, no drama, just simple fun on a Saturday. There may not be trick-or-treaters this year, but we can all share the enjoyment of decorating and then going to see other decor. I think we should turn this into a Christmas decoration style holiday where we all decorate and then for fun drive to different neighborhoods and seeing the cool and different decorations.

dog pics: Vinny’s butt! He was hiding, so I thought I would share…

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