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No shoes, no shirt, no service.

We see the sign so many places:

Rarely do we question this social norm of the no shoes, no shirt, no service requirement at local businesses. Did you know, Reader, that this is not a law? This is just that, a social norm established around the 60’s. Businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone, and many use this sign as a baseline for a minimum requirement from their customers. Many businesses even go as generic as clearly stating they can refuse you service:

We see these signs at almost all businesses. They are so ingrained in our society that we don’t question them. We hardly even notice them anymore, right? So then why does this sign make so many people angry [see below]:

If you chose to walk around a store barefoot and stepped on a broken tile and cut your foot open – would you be angry with the store, or yourself? And if you choose to go to the store without a face mask and contract Covid – would you be mad at the store, or yourself? Let’s forget for a minute that the Governor mandated face coverings — if a store has the right to refuse service to anyone (something that we as a society have accepted as a norm), then why could they and would they not be allowed to refuse service to those without face masks? And if it was your daughter, son, brother, sister, mother, or father working at these stores – knowing there is a pandemic – are you okay with your loved one being exposed to it because someone didn’t want to wear a mask?

The latest surge seen in this pandemic is in businesses. Meaning, employees are contracting the virus. Knowing this, you want to risk your health by not wearing a mask when entering businesses? These temper tantrums over face mask requirements make me sad for my daughter and for humanity. At the very bare minimum animals are concerned with self-preservation. Prey learn to avoid predators for the sake of survival. Coronavirus is a predator and WE are the prey, why are we okay with rolling over and letting it kill us?

In a world, and especially a country, where people seem to be primarily driven by their ego and pocketbook, it baffles me when they do not want to do what it takes to survive; to win. The United States loves being #1 and leaders; why aren’t we leaders in paving the way for the new world? Why aren’t we #1 in covid-19 eradication efforts? Instead, we are fighting each other; leaders in the worst response to a pandemic and #1 in deaths due to the virus.

This is not about politics. Read that again.


This is about health, about survival, and about rebuilding a sense of normal in a way that allows us to stay healthy and allows our economy and society to thrive. All of this time has been completely wasted. Time we spent fighting, closing then reopening just to close again. All of this time, wasted. Time that could have been spent covering faces, washing hands, redesigning how to conduct business in order to thrive. Instead, too many wasted time fighting those trying to move us forward.

I get it, we are tired. We are all tired. But how many people have to die before we get on the same page?

*Because I’m not a monster, here’s a palette cleanser:

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