persistent pyrotechnics prove problematic to the peace at the Peanut palace…

what I’m watching: I know it’s hard to find things to watch right now, but there are definitely some real life stories to see on Netflix and silly shows to watch on network tv… Currently, I am watching the Epstein docu-series on Netflix. It’s a tough one to stomach but tells an interesting tale of money and abuse.

I am excited to see the movie on Netflix about infamous Latino star astrologer, Walter Mercado. If you grew up watching Latinx tv, you know who he is and he is likely a staple in your memories of pop culture. He was surprisingly popular given his appearance in a machista culture. I have not seen it yet but I suggest you watch it so you learn about this iconic figure.

On network tv I recommend getting into the rebooted game shows: To Tell the Truth, Match game, & Family Feud. It may seem silly, but that’s EXACTLY what I want you to watch them for – the sillies! Life is so stressful and serious with pandemics, presidents, and pyrotechnics (oh my!), that a little silly lighthearted humor would do you good. If you can, watch it with anyone you are quarantine with and you will be surprised at how fun it is to participate (making guesses and making fun of the contestants together).

tech specs: I have been participating in a lot of meetings this week – using whatever is easiest for the other participants. I have conducted virtual meetings and have used: Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams. Surprisingly, the easiest and smoothest program so far has been Microsoft Teams. Now, hear me out, I know what you’re thinking, “but Microsoft is typically a total dumpster fire! Especially Office 365!” And my response is, I KNOW! I’m as shocked as you are, Reader. But the clear front runner (so far) is Teams. It has had the easiest download, smoothest connection and transitions, clearest transmission… I actually recommend it. And I say “actually” because I truly struggle to find redeeming qualities in 365 and simply use it because it essentially holds the monopoly on office programs.

Pics: places Peanut and I pay visit for peace…