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puras pendejadas…

Puras pendejadas. A phrase I never thought I would be using so often. Even my shit job didn’t call for my motherland tongue profanity.

The thing that surprises me the most about people is how predictable they are. I truly wish I would be proven wrong, but as a careful spectator of the sport of human interaction and nature, people prove to be painfully predictable even during unpredictable times. So my new response to people when they come at me out of pocket? Puras pendejadas. That’s all I have to give anymore.

The truth is, Reader, I’m tired. I’m sure you are too. But that is why I haven’t posted anything lately. I refuse to put more negativity out into the world so I don’t want to talk about politics and pandemics. I want to give you a distraction from those things. I want to give you a reason to smile, to laugh, to momentarily forget all the bad things in your life. But I cannot do that when my brain is soaking in the noise; drowning in the pendejadas, if you will.

Praise Peanut for providing a presence of purity and putting my place at peace. That peace in my heart, even for a moment, is what I want to give you when you are here with me. So I’m sorry I haven’t written, Reader. But I’m here now. So let’s talk fluff and fluffy!

What to watch: Okay, so, don’t hate me but I’m still on my CBS All Access kick and am catching up on The Good Fight. This is the web only series exclusive spin off from the hit show The Good Wife. This spin off stars Christine Baranski and starts off at an epic moment in history – the 2016 Presidential Election. It follows the professional life if a senior partner, lawyer Diane Lockhart. You may be saying, ‘I don’t like lawyer shows,’ but give it a shot. It is clever and fast paced packed with fully formed characters whose personalities and banter provide witty entertainment.

Tech specs: there was so much hype around the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons so I gave in and purchased it. I haven’t gotten very far into the game but thus far I am unclear as to what the hype is about? Perhaps as I get further into the weeds I will see the appeal, but so far in the beginning processes, I’m growing a bit bored. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Doggy pics: have been replaced this week with GOAT PICS!! Every year goats are brought into my neighborhood to cut down the grass in the environmentally protected areas and I have been taking Peanut to see them.

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