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silence… and screams.

The sound of silence serves several purposes. Silence is golden. Silence speaks volumes. Silence is deafening. Silence can be a question, but it can also be an answer. Silence can torture you, but it can also comfort you. Silence says everything, while it says nothing at all. In some circumstances, silence is complicity.

For me, silence can sometimes be noisy, as it manifests as static to my anxiety. But silence can also be calming; especially when negativity can be silenced away.

Silence is a choice. Silence tells me everything that I need to know. The Choice to be silent answers all of my questions. I often choose silence. I choose silence as a response, as a state of being, as of means of coping. I love silence; I am comfortable with silence.



Today is Mexican Independence Day. As a proud Mexican, I want to share this important day with you all by providing some some history and education on subject. Also known as El Grito, this is a two-day celebration. Mexico’s cry for independence (El Grito) happens on the 15th at 11pm, and the 16th is the official day observed.

The leader of the Mexican War of Independence was a priest. Father Miguel Hidalgo rallied his people during mass on the evening of September 15, 1810, in Dolores, Guanajuato, Mexico. His proclamation that night to fight against the Spanish government became known as “El Grito” or Cry of Independence.

Each year, the current Mexican president rings the bell of the National Palace in Mexico City then recites a cry of patriotism, ending with ¡Viva Mexico!, a phrase commonly use to express our love of country.

Peanut’s playground: The biggest issue we are confronting right now is that Peanut is not used to seeing other people because of covid, so she cries a lot when she does see people. This is good and bad. Obviously, I don’t want her loving all sorts of random folks but I am worried for her social skills in the future. With that being said, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I do enjoy all this alone time with her. It is a lot of fun and love.

Puppy pics: working from home (laziest coworkers ever!)

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