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sometimes you just have to stop traffic…


I am not the type of person that would ever throw red paint on a fur coat. That’s not me. That’s not how I get down. And not only do I eat meat, I LOVE meat. My motto about food still stands: it is not a real meal if meat is not involved. So before I tell what happened today, I am prefacing it with this because I already know what you are going to say: what a hypocrite! Look, I don’t claim to be some hippy animal rights activist. And I actually think duck on pizza is delicious. I am self aware enough to know I am a hypocrite, but I also know you are one too. We all are. It would be short sighted to say with absolute certainty there is nothing you are a hypocrite about! I know we shouldn’t make generalizations but I am willing to bet there isn’t a single person out there who isn’t a hypocrite about something. Now, whether it’s something big or small is a whole other conversation. My point is that I know I am a hypocrite, so read about my hypocrisy knowing that I am aware of it, and I accept it.

Today I stopped traffic on an extremely busy street. There were angry drivers for sure. I would estimate about 15 cars. On a hectic crazy street right before the freeway entrance. But I had to. There were BABY DUCKS in the middle of one of the lanes trying to get to their momma!

So I did what I hope any animal loving person would do, I turned on my safety/hazard lights, came to a crawling slow speed, and waited for the baby ducks to get to their momma. But then, after I drove past them, I began to panic that maybe they got back on the road. Naturally, I made the next U-turn and returned to the scene of the duck drama to ensure their safety. While on my way back to them, I began to tear up thinking they were dead in the road. It took two circles around the area to get visual verification that the ducks had crossed the road and were in fact back in the safety of their momma’s wings.

Why? You ask? Because that’s the least I can do! I live in an area where there are patches of environmentally protected land. Patches. This was all theirs, and all we left them with a few patches that are disrupted by our businesses, houses, traffic, and all the fuckery! So it was the least I could do. Also, not the first time I’ve stopped traffic for a duck. Am I crazy? I guess maybe. But what makes us any better? Why does their safety matter less?

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