Teddy Untitled

[the podcast]

I’ve never understood the obsession with titles — I am not a phD, I am not a professor, or fancy type of professional. I’m no expert parent, and I’m not even all that great with people. I would even venture to guess my pets have problems with my propensities. But yet here I am with my podcast hoping people will press play.

Lets laugh, kiki, talk sh*t about all the things. This podcast will be specifically discussing pop culture, parenting, people, and pets. Listen to my ridiculous stories and thoughts— agree or disagree — and laugh with me!



I always thought I needed to be someone important. But I realized that the only person I need to be important to is myself; and now, my daughter. I am a single mom to a toddler I call Peanut and two fur-babies; Charlie Brown and Professor Walter. I am a Mexican with a sharp tongue and a quick comeback. I’m a graphic artist and web specialist by trade. Above all, I’m just a weirdo who laughs a lot and want to share it with you!


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