Thanksgiving times…

My family is composed of not only people I happen to share biological and genetic ties with, but my chosen family. I have no idea how I got so lucky, but I have some pretty fucking awesome people in my life. And you, my friends, I am so grateful for you. More than I can even put into words. So many people have come and gone; so many friends that turned out to be simply fairweather, here and then not. So many biological family members have turned their backs on me, or simply had no interest in knowing me. But those of you that are still around… Diamonds. Worth your weight in gold, and then some.

Thanks to some selfish person, I had a bad thanksgiving day and did not get to eat the traditional thanksgiving meal I had planned for Peanut and myself. And even though my BFAM (Brother from another mother) Wesley was dealing with some very terrible news — he and his husband (my good friend and podcast cohost) David came to my house to bring me food. Peanut had just thrown up on me and my face was puffy from crying, and in the middle of their own personal crisis they drove a not so close distance to ensure I had a thanksgiving meal as well. Even gave me a fancy dessert. THAT is family. Wesley is such a BFAM to me that he didn’t ask if I wanted food, he just said I was eating food he made.

And I know, Lindsey, Karma, and some of my other good friends would have shown up had they known the state I was in mentally and emotionally, and had I asked. Some offered. Peanut and I are so lucky to have that kind of support. It is amazing and nothing like what I expected – in a good way. So, yes, we are in the covid times. Yes, shit is weird and hard. Yes, drama happens. Yes, shit is scary as fuck! But there are still things to be thankful for. There is still beauty in the world, and in the love and affection we have for each other. In the kindness we share, knowing we are not alone in this adventure called life – I am thankful for that.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…?

Peanut and I have gotten our matching elf pjs and have created our holiday cards to mail out to family and friends! That’s right, I am THAT mom. Every year people will get a cheesy card of Peanut and I in matching outfits. I have never liked Christmas because it made me feel lonely, but now with Peanut I’m going to make sure she has all the magical cheesy dorky memories for the holidays.

What in the black friday twilight zone is going on?

Can someone please explain to me why and how 2020 – with all the job loss and struggle – happened to beat 2019 in black friday sales? I’m not joking, the US spent 9 BILLION dollars on black Friday; a 21% increase from last year. What is going on? Are we maxing out credit cards? Because let me tell you, that’s not the best idea. And also, come on people the sales weren’t even that great! They were blatant mark-up to mark-down strategies and nothing to wait in line, or blow your pay check on. I am seriously confused by why people spent so much – besides the obvious stress-spending from covid. But still, at least wait for a decent discount, people. Geez. (Black Friday Hits New Record)

The ONLY decent discount I found was at Target (and before you judge, I’ve only been looking at sales online because going to the store? Eww). Target has the Beats Studio 3 (retail $349) for 50% off! Not a single other store (online or brick-and-mortar) has them this low. Beats solo 3 and solo pro are on sale at most places for $120-150 but for $20 more at Target you can upgrade to Studio 3. (I may have gotten a pair.)

Cyber Monday (today) is expected to hit record sales as well. And fyi – these “sales” I’ve been seeing are lame too. Don’t bother and wait for the desperate after sales.