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the N word (no, not that one)…

tech specs: is tech giant Google going there way of the graveyard? Q1 of 2020 of the much anticipated Google Pixel 4 was a disappointment with sales plummeting. Google failed to beat even the lame lower-end leader, LG. Why is this happening?

In my opinion, Google Pixel is struggling from an identity crisis. Is it a flagship high-end phone? Is it a fun budget handset? It’s hard to tell! The combination of features that can be found on both ends of the spectrum leaves the pixel in this strange middle space. The fact is that the two major markets for cell phones are: budget and high-end. If Google just focuses on dominating one, instead of forcing a new market, they could easily be leaders of their market. And I think they could lead in either, they just have to commit.

Google Pixel runs on a pure version of Android which allows for a smooth interface with no bloatware or proprietary skins that bog down both your memory and speed. It is clean and simple – making it extremely pleasant to use. And Google assistant keeps getting better!

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