Viva la Revolucion!

Starting November 16 we celebrate the start of the 1910 Mexican Revolution. This is when the people of Mexico began the revolution to overthrow essentially a dictator. I find it very apropos to share this nugget of information as we are smack dab in the middle of our own revolution in the United States. As a proud Mexican-American, I am happy to recognize this holiday as well as encourage others to learn about the history of the rich Mexican culture. Also, I want to remind you that throughout history we have faced adversity, oppression, battles and wars, and have come out victoriously – and by “we” I mean all of us as human beings. We can get past the struggles of the Trump Administration, we can get through the Coronavirus pandemic. We have become comfortable in our luxuries of life – I, too, am guilty of this. Trusting the government will run without our input, trusting healthcare professionals will handle things for us. Instead of being angry about the government shutting down businesses and activities, be pro-active to be mindful of your behavior and activities. Wear a mask and social distance. Understand the pandemic is not a political move, it is a virus killing hundreds of thousands of people, and we need to protect those we love. Instead of being angry about the election, be pro-active. Find the causes you are passionate about and fight for what you believe. Resources are available online and there are ways to have your voice heard. We cannot complain and be complacent at the same time.

I want us to get back to this in the world – celebrating together all the holidays we honor

Momma got a Podcast!

I am 1/2 of a dynamic duo on this nutty podcast called Pckt Cndy. It started when David Taylor Gomes married my brother-from-another-mother Wesley. Against my will, I was forced to interact with David (I’m laughing so hard as I am writing this). -I say it in jest! But, truth be told, David and I were not friends right off the bat and have definitely had many differences of opinion, but we worked through our issues to become good friends. One day while riffing random lyrics (it’s a thing we do – sort of like a jingle lyric battle)and we came up with a song called Pocket Candy. With that song, we found we were able to have hilarious banter and wanted to share it with the world. So please check it out! We have two episodes up and more to come! The podcast is available on Apple Itunes Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor: PcktCndy.com

Peanut’s Playground

Peanut is growing so damn fast! She is almost 3′ feet tall and weighs 27 pounds. She is not speaking yet but she rambles a lot and is so smart. She pays close attention to how everything works and I am constantly working on figuring out new ways to protect her from her own curiosity. She is tons of fun and joy every single day – I am so lucky to have her! I can honestly say that if I did not have her I would not be surviving the pandemic and political twilight zone era with my sanity in tact. Peanut keeps me grounded and helps me maintain perspective. She gives me purpose. I am forever grateful for her.

Puppy pic: Vinny has decided he needed to join all of my zoom meetings!